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Product category Спрей за овкусяване
Serving size 0.3 ml
Servings Per Container 133 дози
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What is Pure Nutrition Spray Herbs?

Pure Nutrition Spray Herbs are a versatile and healthy spin on traditional cooking sprays. These delicious herbal sprays are made with natural herbal extracts and cold-pressed sunflower oil, making them suitable for both during and after cooking. If you’re looking for a healthy cooking spray to cook your food with, look no further. The possibilities are endless! Whether you’re making meats, eggs, seafood, vegetables, pasta, salads, or pizza, Pure Nutrition Herbal Spray takes your healthy eating to the next level. 

Pure Nutrition Spray Herbs and  come in a variety of flavour options, including:

  • Chilli: A subtle chilli pepper flavour that adds just the right amount of spice to your favourite dishes
  • Oregano: A true oregano flavour that’s ideal with lasagne, pasta, and seafood recipes
  • Basil: A delicious complement for salads, pasta, and pizza
  • Truffle: A rich truffle flavour experience that goes great with omelettes, mushrooms, potatoes, and risottos
  • Garlic: Authentic garlic flavour that’s suitable for all meals
  • Onion: Perfect for salads, seafood, raw or cooked veggies, and many entrees

These ultra-low calorie herb sprays provide all the functions of traditional cooking oil and cooking sprays without all the calories and artificial additives. Feel good about meal prepping with our delicious range of spray herbs, and don’t be afraid to add them to your food at the table for an extra flavour boost! Just because you’re on a calorie-controlled diet doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to enjoy the food you eat! 

Benefits and Quality Differences of Pure Nutrition Spray Herbs:

  • Very low in calories (less than 3 kcal per spray)
  • Natural herb extracts for authentic flavor
  • Ideal for salads, veggie dishes, pasta, pizza, meats, and sandwiches
  • Suitable for low-carb diets (keto) and diabetics
  • Vegan and vegetarian
  • A healthy alternative to traditional cooking sprays
  • No artificial flavors, colours, or sweeteners
  • Made in Italy

What Makes Pure Nutrition Spray Herbs the Best Cooking Spray

Preparing food with traditional cooking sprays and cooking oil can add a lot of “hidden”  fat and calories to your diet, making them unsuitable for those who are watching their calorie intake and trying to eat healthier.   This is why we created Pure Nutrition Spray Herbs, which provide the useful lubricating qualities of cooking oil and cooking sprays without all the junk and fat.  Best of all, Pure Nutrition Spray Herbs go beyond the cooking process and can be added to foods that are already prepared. We use natural flavors from herb extracts and quality ingredients like cold-pressed sunflower from Italy.
Pure Nutrition Spray Herbs is also made in a cGMP-certified facility in Italy with stringent quality standards,  ensuring that you get a product that is fresh, pure, and delicious. We know you will love the taste, quality, and functionality of Pure Nutrition Spray Herbs compared to other cooking sprays!

Product information
Product category Спрей за овкусяване
Serving size 0.3 ml
Servings Per Container 133 дози

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