Nutritional supplements

Who we are?

HealthStore is a Bulgarian company that operates since 2006 in the field of dietary supplements for sports nutrition and general health. Our product catalog covers circa two thousand five hundred products on over thirty five world-renowned manufacturers of dietary supplements. We are the main trade partner for Bulgaria of Now Foods, Pure Nutrition USA, Optimum Nutrition, BSN, Universal, Scitec, Musclepharm, Harbinger and others.

We are not resellers - our products are delivered directly from the source. We maintain very close relationships with the manufacturers and do not import
products through dubious channels.

In our online store you can find nutritional supplements depending on your goals and problems. We offer solutions for weight loss, muscle growth, relief, joint pain and many others supplements:

  • For loosing weight – fat-burners and L-carnitines
  • For increasing of lean muscle mass – proteins, BCAA amino acids and gainers
  • Pre-workout – energizers and nitric oxide boosters
  • For health and vitality – vitamins, minerals, probiotics, antioxidants and herbs