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Nutritional supplements

The general health of the human body is crucial for our full life and the joy of it. For this purpose, our body and organs must function properly, for which they need certain micro and macro elements. Let's take a look at one place where we can get the necessary ingredients, regardless of whether we are active athletes or not.

What is Healthstore

This is a company with main activity since 2006, currently offering about two thousand products of over 35 proven global brands for sports nutrition. Each of the products offered in our online store is natural and original, without the content of prohibited and harmful to human health substances. We own eleven own physical stores in the country and cooperate with many separate and independent distributors.

What you will see on the website

We also have the largest in Bulgaria online fitness for fitness food Healthstore, which is widely loaded and categorized, for easier navigation and finding the products you need. Separately, in case of difficulties you have an online connection with our operator to help and assist you in choosing and shopping.
Also, the website is well equipped in terms of functionality, because in addition to the awesome menu, you also have different types of filters. They will show you only the goods that suit your needs, removing the rest. All you have to do is set your criteria for them.


Let's take a look at the main and most important benefits of the online store Healthstore:

  • 100% quality of all items in our stores - they are composed only of natural ingredients;
  • Guaranteed origin - our high aspirations to offer the highest quality, led us directly to the brands from which we take the products and provide them to you;
  • Proper storage of goods - modern and technically equipped warehouse allows us to store a large number of products for a long time, without deteriorating their original condition;
  • Full transparency - our trading conditions and ways of working are completely transparent and legal. We highly value our clients and constantly strive to provide them the full transparency;
  • Qualified team - our team members are selected only exceptional professionals in the field, with many years of practical experience and the necessary knowledge. That way, you always get the best service.

Certificates / licenses / awards

In order to be more convincing in our above statement about the naturalness and safety of the products, we have a certificate issued by the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency. In this way we guarantee our customers that we really offer them high quality sports food at affordable prices.

What do you get

You get: correctness, favorable conditions, professionalism and sustainable
long-term partner. When choosing Healthstore, you can also expect quick response to your inquiries and orders. We work on a well-optimized and complete system, so we are extremely efficient in our work and you will receive your order as quickly as possible. We are expecting you!