About us

Who we are?

HealthStore is a Bulgarian company that operates since 2006 in the field of dietary supplements for sports nutrition and general health. Our product catalog covers circa two thousand five hundred products on over thirty five world-renowned manufacturers of dietary supplements. We are the main trade partner for Bulgaria of Now Foods, Pure Nutrition USA, Optimum Nutrition, BSN, Universal, Scitec, Musclepharm, Harbinger and others.


We are not resellers - our products are delivered directly from the source. We maintain very close relationships with the manufacturers and do not import
products through dubious channels.


The products that you will find with us are natural, clean and contain no substances and anabolic steroid substances that are harmful to your health. All of our products are certified and registered in the "Bulgarian Agency for Food Safety."

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Our sales network covers eleven own physical stores in the country.


Stores in Sofia:

  • HealthStore 1 - Studentski grad;
  • HealthStore 2 - Krasno Selo;
  • HealthStore 3 - Vitosha;
  • HealthStore – The Mall
  • HealthStore – Paradise Center
  • HealthStore – Serdika Center
  • Central store (Kliment Ohridski №117 bul.) - the largest and most modern store for nutritional supplements in Bulgaria! In a total area of 230 m2 in luxurious surroundings you will find plenty of products and brands.



Stores in the country:

  • HealthStore 4 - Varna;
  • HealthStore 5 - Plovdiv;
  • HealthStore 6 - Stara Zagora;
  • HealthStore 7 - Burgas;



We are a trusted partner to more than three thousand distributors across the country - gyms, sports halls, amateur and professional clubs in all sports categories, stores for food supplements, personal fitness trainers and instructors, sports federations and non-profit agencies, doctors and physical therapists , fast food restaurants.
We are trusted partner of the largest pharmacy industry in Bulgaria.
We also have one of the largest online stores selling dietary supplements in Bulgaria - www.healthstore.bg. Till now we have successfully completed more than 100,000 customer orders over 10 000 unique clients!


HealthStore - we are a young, enthusiastic team that always strives to give its customers the highest standards of service. Our goal is to achieve a friendly and professional atmosphere to allow you to feel comfortable in our stores. Our mission is to recommend the best product for your personal needs.